From left to right: Pete Coors, Bill Coors, Ces Coors Garnsey, Reverend Robert Windsor, Melissa Coors Osborn and Jeff Coors

Keepers of our Vision

Americans, Coloradans, Visionaries -- Our Board of Trustees

Our Trustees represent the very best of America and Colorado. They are risk takers. They are successful entrepreneurs. They are engaged community leaders. The Trustees include CEOs, a military officer, a member of the clergy, board members of corporations and nonprofit organizations, parents and grandparents. They bring to the table all of the insight that comes from those real-life involvements as they take on the important task of protecting and advancing the vision of our foundation's original donors.

Our Trustees believe America is still a land of opportunity. They believe in the liberating power of freedom and the importance of personal responsibility. For them, the western spirit is not just found in cowboy novels but in their daily work. Through their giving, the Trustees intend to preserve that spirit for this generation and for generations of American citizens to come. That was the vision of our founding donors, Bill and Joe Coors, and the Foundation's six trustees, representing three generations of the Coors family including Bill Coors, are committed keepers of that vision.

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