About Our Foundation

The Foundation supports organizations that promote the western values of self-reliance, personal responsibility and integrity. We believe these values foster an environment where entrepreneurial spirits flourish, helping Coloradans reach their full potential. The Foundation places a high priority on programs that help youth to prosper, encourage economic opportunities for adults and advance public policies that reflect our nation’s founding principles.

Our grant-making places a premium on entrepreneurship. Specifically, our traditional areas of support include one-to-one mentoring programs for youth, paid on-the-job training, and a variety of self-help initiatives. The Foundation also has an interest in bringing integrative medicine into the medical mainstream. In each of its giving areas, the Foundation seeks evidenced-based results.

Our Vision

Bill Coors, Early Pioneer in Integrative Medicine
Our Vision for a Better America

This is the kind of country our foundation would like to help America become:

We are a healthy people because we understand the importance of lifestyle behaviors and spiritual and mental well-being. Because of the wise application of this knowledge, our healthcare costs are shrinking. All Americans are educated, particularly in the wisdom of the free enterprise system, traditional Judeo-Christian values and the rule of law. We apply this in our respect for others, and our successful pursuit of prosperity and happiness.

We value our culture, history and creativity.

People in need have the opportunity to restore and rehabilitate themselves in order to realize their full potential and lead prosperous lives. Democracy prevails, while government is limited to the protection of constitutional rights and national defense. Adopted by the Adolph Coors Foundation board of trustees in 1989.

Our History

The Beginning


The BeginningAdolph Coors Foundation, established by Joe and Bill Coors from the estate of their father, Adolph Coors, Jr. The founding Board of Trustees includes Bill, Joe, Jeff and Pete Coors. Bill Coors serves as Board Chair until 2004. Gordon Jones is the first Executive Director.
School of Mines


School of MinesColorado School of Mines is presented its first grant from the Foundation. To date, the Foundation has awarded CSM over 100 grants totaling more than $14 million.
Gertrude Steele Coors


Gertrude Steele CoorsThe Foundation receives a bequest from the estate of Gertrude Steele Coors. With this bequest, Reverend Robert Windsor, Gertrude’s grandson, joins the Board.
Linda Tafoya


Linda TafoyaThe Board promotes Linda Tafoya to Executive Director.
A Vision for the Foundation


A Vision for the FoundationThe Board adopts a vision for the Foundation which helps set the stage for future giving.
Goodwill Industries of Denver


Goodwill Industries of DenverThe Foundation grants $100,000 for the purchase and renovation of a facility to better accommodate a wide variety of programs employing and benefitting the disabled. Since then, Denver Goodwill has received 9 grants totaling over $387,000.
Regis University


Regis UniversityThe Foundation grants $750,000 for construction of Life Directions Center – a wellness center for students and faculty.
Janet Coors


Janet CoorsA gift made by Janet Coors is added to the Foundation’s fund to endow the Herman F. Coors Professorial Chair at the Colorado School of Mines. The chair was established in honor of her late husband, who spent much of his career involved in the field of ceramics.
New Board Member


New Board MemberAmbassador Holland H. Coors joins the Board of Directors, replacing Joe Coors, Sr.
Colorado State Fair


Colorado State FairThe Foundation grants a $2 million economic development award to the Colorado State Fair Authority.
Apollo Award


Apollo AwardThe Foundation receives the American Optometric Association Apollo Award in recognition of its work to improve the lives of Colorado’s children by implementing vision screening in elementary schools.
Castle Rock Foundation


Castle Rock FoundationThe Castle Rock Foundation is established to support national public policy organizations that preserve our country’s democratic principles, ensure a limited role for government, promote understanding of the free enterprise system and encourage personal responsibility and leadership.
Educational Options for Children (EOC)


Educational Options for Children (EOC)The Foundation initiates EOC to award partial scholarships to low-income families so their children can attend a school of choice. The program continued through 2009.
Alma King Crystal


Alma King CrystalA gift from the Foundation makes it possible for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to acquire the “Alma King”, a red translucent crystal that is the premier specimen of the Coors Mineral Hall at the Museum. Since the Foundation’s inception, the Museum has received 16 gifts totaling $6.6 million.
Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center


Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference CenterThe Center receives a $75,000 grant for construction of a children’s museum to provide hands-on educational and artistic learning opportunities.
Johnson & Wales


Johnson & WalesJohnson & Wales opens the Denver campus with the assistance of a $3 million grant from the Foundation.
Sally Rippey


Sally RippeyThe Board of Trustees promotes Sally Rippey to Executive Director.
Children's Hospital


Children's HospitalThe Foundation gives $2 million to support the new Children’s Hospital facility in Aurora. Since 1976, 15 grants totaling $2.6 million have been given to Children’s Hospital Foundation.
Peter H. Coors Becomes President and Chairman of the Board


Peter H. Coors Becomes President and Chairman of the Board
New Board Members


New Board MembersCecily Coors Garnsey and Melissa Coors Osborn join the Board.
Eureka! McConnell Science Museum


Eureka! McConnell Science MuseumThe Foundation makes its first grant to Eureka! McConnell Science Museum, a year-round math and science education program for students on Colorado’s western slope. Since 2007, the Foundation has given over $86,000 to this program.
Wray Rehabilitation and Activities Center


Wray Rehabilitation and Activities CenterThe Foundation gives a $12,500 grant to the Activities Center for a therapy pool. The Center received its first grant in 1989 and has since received more than $95,000 in grants.
The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver


The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro DenverThe Foundation makes a $150,000 capital grant for the construction of a new club in Brighton.
John Jackson


John JacksonJohn Jackson, long-time consultant for the Castle Rock Foundation, becomes Executive Director.
Revisiting Our Vision


Revisiting Our VisionThe Foundation revisits its vision and renews its commitment to carry out the intent of its donors.
Junior Achievement


Junior AchievementA $500,000 lead gift from the Foundation to Rocky Mountain Junior Achievement helps launch Igniting the American Spirit. Ignite received national attention and ultimately transformed JA’s approach to working in the schools.
Bill and Rita Coors


Bill and Rita CoorsBill and Rita Coors donate $10 million in support of the Foundation’s work to advance evidence-based research on integrative medicine.
Integrative Medicine


Integrative MedicineThe Foundation’s historic interest in integrative medicine is rekindled with projects designed to bring evidence-based integrative medicine into the medical mainstream.
Castle Rock Foundation


Castle Rock FoundationAt the end of fiscal year 2011, Castle Rock Foundation merges with the Adolph Coors Foundation.
Veterans Integration Program


Veterans Integration ProgramThe Foundation makes a $300,000 grant for the ACF-initiated Veterans Integration Program, a veterans job placement program now housed at Mt. Carmel Center of Excellence.
Save Our Youth


Save Our YouthThe ACF-funded school-based Mentor Mrachek Project, a Save Our Youth program, enters its third year of supporting and preparing students to be successful in high school. The Foundation gave a total of $693,500 over a four-year period.
New Location


New LocationAdolph Coors Foundation opens its new building and moves into its permanent headquarters at 215 St. Paul Street in Denver.
Thomas A. Roe Award


Thomas A. Roe AwardJeff Coors receives State Policy Network’s Thomas A. Roe Award for his work in advancing free market philosophy at the state level.
Bridge House


Bridge HouseAdolph Coors Foundation makes its preliminary grant to Bridge House, a work-first self-sufficiency program. The Foundation has given over $1.75 million to date.
New Board Members


New Board MembersCarin Coors Bremer and Christina Coors Williams join the Foundation Board.
Becket Fund for Religious Liberty


Becket Fund for Religious LibertyBecket Fund, a group that defends religious liberty for all, receives $100,000. Since 1999, the Foundation has granted Becket over $1.5 million.
New Board Member


New Board MemberReverend Robert “Skip” Windsor retires from the Board and is replaced by his son, Benjamin R. Windsor.
Venture Portfolio


Venture PortfolioAdolph Coors Foundation explores pro-active grantmaking by seeking out nonprofits that have strong leadership, the potential to grow, scale up, and achieve significant changes that would be in keeping with the intent of the Foundation’s donors. Generation Justice, a group that is revamping the foster care system, becomes the first organization in ACF’s Venture Portfolio.
Carrie Tynan


Carrie TynanCarrie Tynan is promoted to Executive Director.
New Board Member


New Board MemberMichael L. Garnsey joins the Board of Directors.
Covid Funding


Covid FundingThe Foundation grants $250,000 in Covid pandemic-related funding to Colorado nonprofits to help ensure they continue serving their communities.
Excellence First


Excellence FirstThe Adolph Coors Foundation launches “Excellence First!”, a multi-year grantmaking strategy centered on the idea that excellence, not gender, skin color or political ideology should be the first consideration when making decisions in government, boardrooms, classrooms, or on the playing field. This project is about restoring the belief in American excellence...with education as the centerpiece of this effort.

Meet Our Team

Just as our founders were committed to ensuring Colorado remains a land of opportunity, our staff is committed to carry out the Foundation’s vision and in so doing, support the life-changing work of the social, business and medical entrepreneurs in our state. Some staff members have been with the Foundation since it opened its doors (they just can’t stay away). Others are relative newcomers with a long-standing dedication to service and philanthropy. All have deep roots in Colorado and enthusiastically lend their hearts, heads and hands to support the great work being done by our talented grantees.

× Cindy Kennedy

Cindy Kennedy

Cindy recently celebrated 20 years with the Adolph Coors Foundation. A skilled troubleshooter, negotiator, internet-fixer and database expert, Cindy keeps the entire office running smoothly. Fortunately, Cindy is also the first person you reach when you call which means never having to press “1” for more information.

Before joining the Adolph Coors Foundation in 2003, Cindy worked at Educare Colorado and the Piton Foundation. She attended the University of Northern Colorado. Cindy is now an empty nester but still enjoys time with her two adult daughters. She also enjoys travel, exploring places like Tasmania, England, New Zealand, and Italy.

Inspired wisdom comes from everywhere! Lila Kennedy

Lila Kennedy

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”
— Shakespeare
× Liz Tara Losinski

Liz Tara Losinski

A graduate of Hillsdale College, Liz Tara has raised money for public policy organizations and most recently led advancement at The Salvation Army in Washington, DC. Now, after stepping into the role of program officer at the Foundation in 2019, she pulls from her past work to help nonprofits by using her head and heart.

When she’s not working, Liz Tara reads, keeps up with her big family, travels with her husband and is always on the hunt for the next best hummus recipe. Living in Colorado, Liz Tara of course loves to ski, but she’ll confess that the first time she ever encountered a ski slope, she ran into the man in front of her and went down the entire mountain hooked to his skis at a terrifyingly high speed.

Inspired wisdom comes from everywhere! Rock Losinski

Rock Losinski

“Never miss a good opportunity to shut up.”
— Rock Losinski
× Carrie Tynan

Carrie Tynan

Colorado native Carrie Tynan thinks she has the best job in the world. As the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, she oversees all Foundation operations, both charitable and non-charitable, and implements the trustees’ vision for America. She loves visiting nonprofits and learning how they are improving the lives of the people in their communities as well as finding new, innovative ways to have a larger impact. She says she is consistently impressed by the range of life-changing services nonprofits provide to Coloradans, and inspired by the way policy groups fight to protect our individual freedoms. Carrie jokes, “I’ve never met a nonprofit that I didn’t like; there would probably be no money left if I were in charge of the funding decisions!”

Before joining the Foundation, Carrie spent five years as an English teacher at J.K. Mullen High School. A graduate of the University of Texas, Carrie is involved with numerous nonprofits across the country and in the Denver area. Carrie and her husband are also busy parents keeping up with their two active kids. As a family, they all love anything outdoors, including golfing, skiing, hunting, and attending Colorado sporting events.

Inspired wisdom comes from everywhere! Tulo and Lola Tynan

Tulo and Lola Tynan

“Endurance: If you love it, you will never get tired of it”
— Tulo
“Size: No matter how small, it is always important to be heard”
— Lola
× Suzi Marchena

Suzi Marchena

As the newest member of the Foundation team, Suzi Marchena has been connected to the Foundation on the peripheral for decades. She has spent the last 20+ years in operations at some of the Foundation’s earliest grantees, Philanthropy Roundtable and Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. Her move back to the Mountain West brings her professional expertise to our team and brings her closer to family.

Suzi graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in sociology and human development and a minor in criminology (don’t try pulling anything over on her!). Suzi enjoys traveling with her family and is an avid soccer fan…go Real Madrid!

Inspired wisdom comes from everywhere! Scout Marchena

Scout Marchena

“Be an irresistible cupcake in a world full of boring muffins.”
× Rosemary Harris

Rosemary Harris

As the newest member of the Foundation team, Rosemary Harris is thrilled to return to the non-profit world after a brief hiatus exploring other opportunities. Utilizing her past experience from both the non-profit/think tank world and the private sector, she is excited to bring her knowledge and expertise to the role of program officer. Rosemary is ready to ask the tough questions of each nonprofit…but don’t worry, she always does so with a smile.

Rosemary originally hails from the (second most) beautiful state, Washington, where she previously worked for the Washington Policy Center. She is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Staying true to her outdoorsy Pacific Northwest roots, when not in the office you can find Rosemary tracking down the best hikes, camping sites, and exploring the many mountain towns in Colorado. Don’t be surprised if you also find her trying out the many coffee shops (a great place for site visits😉) and breweries Denver has to offer.

Inspired wisdom comes from everywhere! Pythonidae Harris

Pythonidae Harris

“If the boots fit, wear 'em.”
— Pythonidae Harris

Board of Trustees

Our Trustees represent the very best of America and Colorado. They are risk takers. They are successful entrepreneurs. They are engaged community leaders. The Trustees include CEOs, board members of corporations and nonprofit organizations, law enforcement, parents and grandparents. They bring to the table all of the insight that comes from those real-life involvements as they take on the important task of protecting and advancing the vision of our foundation’s original donors.

Our Trustees believe America is still a land of opportunity. They believe in the liberating power of freedom and the importance of personal responsibility. For them, the western spirit is not just found in cowboy novels but in their daily work. Through their giving, the Trustees intend to preserve that spirit for this generation and for generations of American citizens to come. That was the vision of our founding donors, Bill and Joe Coors. The Foundation’s eight trustees, representing the 4th and 5th generations of the Coors family, remain committed keepers of that vision.