Featured Projects

The Adolph Coors Foundation is rooted in a history that celebrates independence, imagination and hard work. We are dedicated to ensuring that all people have the opportunity to realize their dreams and reach their full potential. Our job is to find and fund organizations that are among the best at what they do, and in some cases, challenge them to think even bigger.

Furthermore, our grantmaking places a premium on entrepreneurship. Be it our long-standing support for youth-centered educational programs or our desire to advance integrative medicine, we continue to seek out the most innovative leaders and programs. In addition to the programs described above, our traditional areas of support include one-to-one mentoring programs, job training and self-help initiatives.

The Adolph Coors Foundation is proud of the work of all of our talented grantees. The nonprofits described in this section provide an excellent sample of how these entrepreneurs have helped the vision of our founding donors come alive.